Even in the age of digital media and smartphones, direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective and powerful advertising tools that a business can employ. Mailers can be targeted and personalized, resulting in a stronger response than many other types of advertising. Once you’ve decided to launch your own direct mail campaign for your business, however, the next question arises: what type of mailer should you use? From their long shelf-life to the impact that they have on recipients, laminated postcards offer a wide range of benefits for businesses of all types.

Plastic postcard mailers are durable.

We’ve all seen the effects of the post office’s automated mail sorting machines: mangled envelopes, ripped catalogs and smudged paper mailers. Plastic postcard mailers, on the other hand, are all but immune to the hazards that other mail faces en route to the recipient. What’s more, the durability of laminated postcards provides them with a long shelf-life after they are delivered, encouraging potential customers hold on to them.

Laminated postcard printing makes the mailer feel substantial.

One of the key reasons why direct mail is such a successful form of advertising is the effect that holding a physical piece of mail has on the average consumer. Think about the last time you opened your own mailbox; getting a piece of mail directed just to you makes you pay attention. Using plastic postcard mailers amplifies this effect even further. The thickness and substantialness of a laminated postcard makes it feel significant and important, prompting the recipient to take your message to heart.

With laminated printing, your postcards can be more than just a postcard.

Want to really grab your potential customer’s attention? Include a coupon or promotional gift card with your direct mail advertisement. By using laminated postcards, you can create a marketing mailer that has a pop-out inserts, allowing you to provide your customers with a valuable offer that encourages them to visit your business. You can even get more creative and include a Rolodex card or key tag to help your customer base keep your business at the front of their minds.

The direct mail experts at Dynamicard understand how to make the most out of a direct mail marketing campaign. In addition to laminated postcard printing and plastic postcard mailer design, we offer a complete range of direct mail services to assist you in meeting your business’ advertising goals. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us for samples and a free quote.