So, you own a print shop or promotional product firm. and work with clients all the time that want to get their name out there to their own potential customers.

While you may have plenty of products you can offer customers that you craft in house. What if you had another option—a cutting edge marketing mailer?

Wholesale plastic postcard printing can be an excellent solution for print and sign shops that want a cutting edge tool for their customers.

Add plastic postcard mailers to your list of products buy wholesale!

Plastic postcards are an excellent alternative to traditional direct mail products. They have a high-end look and feel and they stand out from the piles of junk mail that customers get on a daily basis. Your clients will be happy to have your guidance on design and developing a campaign.

Plastic postcards can be used for regular promotional mailings. But more often they are utilized as a “gift card” type promotion. The gift card product is an excellent choice for your retail, service and restaurant clients that want a promotional tool that brings customers in and encourages them to spend.

To offer plastic postcards, you do not have to invest in expensive machinery or give up your profit. Dynamicard offers wholesale plastic postcard printing. This allows your firm and our firm to work as partners, offering your clients something unique and exciting. Our affordable pricing structure means that you can earn an excellent price for the product you’re providing and still give your customers a great deal.
Dynamicard is one of the first in the business, and we are proud to be the best. Our solutions include rush services and white label processing. We do whatever it takes to help you help YOUR customers. If you would like to learn more about the wholesale plastic postcard printing services we offer reach out to us today. We look forward to partnering with your firm and creating something DYNAMIC!

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