When considering wholesale plastic postcards, having the right printer in place can save time and money.

There are certain things to look for when choosing a plastic mailer-printing partner that will be able to service your needs and provide a quality product.

Here 5 Tips to choose a plastic mailer printing partner:

  • Color capabilities

Your plastic promotional pieces should be of a high quality. The worst thing you can do is having a printer that uses dull materials and colors. Having a printing partner that can match all the colors you want and deliver a clean product is key.

  • Stock availability

Depending on the promotion you are working on, having different thicknesses is important. Your printer should be able to accommodate all your needs with a variety of plastic postcard options. The type of postcard you use can affect your presentation.

  • Proofing

Your printer should be able to provide printing proofs before you make any final decisions. You want to make sure the copy is right, the layout is how you want it, and most of all, the coloring looks good. Working with a printer who does not provide final proofs prior to printing can cost you time and money.

  • Finishing

One of the most important aspects of plastic mailers, especially when you are dealing with wholesale plastic postcards, is the finishing. If the cut on the postcard is off, the entire project can be ruined. Your printer must be accurate and cognizant of every aspect of the job. When they make a conscious effort to deliver quality each and every time, you are on the right track.

  • Responsiveness

How responsive is the printer? Are you able to contact them at the last minute for a job? How quick is the turnaround time? Can you make simple changes and trust that they will have enough lead-time to get the job done? Do you consistently have to leave voicemail messages instead of speaking with a representative? All of these factors play a huge role in whether or not this is a partner worthy of your patronage.

These five tips should help you make the right decision on choosing a printing partner that will not only print quality products, but help you succeed. Knowing you can rely on your printer is one of the first steps in a solid marketing strategy. Call us at 800-928-7670 for more info.