When working against the competition, knowing how to increase your direct mail response rates quickly can save you time and money.

You may be using certain pieces like a die cut laminated postcard and other tactics, but those don’t work unless you have a strategic mindset on how to get things done. Here are 5 secrets to increasing your direct mail response rates overnight:

  • Targeting

Know your target audience. When you know the audience, you can create materials that will immediately garner a response. Audience participation is key. When you give them a product that evokes interest, this is a winning formula.

  • Have interesting offers

Your audience wants to be engaged. You have to respect their time and thought processes. When sending a die cut laminated postcard, make sure the colors, content and headline immediately grabs them. Provide offers that can’t be refused. Your audience should walk away with the feeling that they must get what you have to offer.

  • Use the right tactics

Your direct mail response rates will skyrocket when you send something totally different from the norm. Make your audience take notice of your product. When you think different, you do different. Make your efforts count.

  • Strong headlines are key

No matter what – make your headline scream, “look at me!” Good headlines resonate with customers and keep your products top-of-mind. You want your headlines to be so attention-grabbing that they go viral. You want headlines that will make the recipient want to call someone and tell them about your headline AND your promotion.

  • Tell they what they need to know

Make sure your messages are clear and direct. Keep things simple – your audience wants to know the facts of how they can get the product, where they can get the product and how much the product is. Be different but be direct. It works every time.

Using these five secrets can help you improve your direct mail response rates overnight. Use them in your tactics and watch the tables turn. For more info on a successful direct mail marketing campaign, please give us a call.