The Winning Edge in Direct Mail is Not in a High IQ, It’s in Maximizing the Available Knowledge Base. Marketers are becoming much smarter and more successful by utilizing DynamiScan’s web-based direct mail analytics software. Even in our highly competitive digital world, direct mail continues to be an important part of the marketing mix for advertisers from a wide array of product and service categories.  Below is how Winning Edge is in Maximizing the Available Knowledge Base.

With direct mail, there’s the investment of time, talent, resources, and finances that is riding on the client’s desired end result which is a highly successful direct mail campaign.

That being said, having the ability to successful track the campaign results is a must, otherwise it’s not really worth the effort or the investment. This is the basic reality that your CFO may raise with you in the event that you create a campaign where you don’t have the ability to track results.

Direct Mail Tracking is Vital to Your Success

There are any number of ways advertisers can use to attempt to track the success of their direct mail programs. We see everything from A/B testing to what we call the Los Vegas method. In private, we call it the “Let’s throw it up against the wall and see if it flies.” approach. And, another unproductive approach is gut instinct. The bottom line question is where’s the detailed data that can be reviewed and used for the next campaign?

Tracking That Delivers Meaningful Data

With DynamiScan, in addition to working with clients on concept, design, font and color selection, timing, and mailing lists whether it’s for a plastic postcard reseller program, or a die cut laminated mailer, our next objective is to effectively track your direct mail advertising and analyze your results. It’s simple and efficient, and filled with important marketing information.

Additionally, with the advances that DynamiScan provides, you will be able to discreetly measure the response rate for your direct mail campaign along with the purchasing inclination of each and every individual who comes into your business.

This ability to measure the response rate can happen regardless of the person’s demographic profile. By using this important data, you can virtually eliminate the profiles of unprofitable demographics from your mailing list. Moreover, you will also be able evaluate low responding segments of your mailing list, and match the ideal offer to the right customer for the desired campaign outcome you are seeking.

DynamiScan Advanced Software

Another advantage that using DynamiScan delivers is that this highly advanced proprietary tracking and analytics software offers you the option of automatically stopping responders from receiving a second offer from your firm until you choose to re-engage them.

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