If you were to throw a dinner party at your home, would you invite the entire town? Probably not! More likely you would carefully select your guest list to make sure the best possible event.

So why is it that so many business owners invest thousands of dollars in marketing, without carefully selecting who is invited to ensure the best possible outcome? There are a few reasons that come to mind. Most advertising opportunities solicited to them do not offer the ability to target. They do not have the experience and understanding of advertising to know about how to target. And last but not least, they are so price conscientious (As opposed to ROI focused) that they have never been willing to invest the additional money into targeting.

If you want to have the most successful marketing campaign possible it is critical that you deliver your advertising message to the ideal target audience, and package your invitation in a way that will ensure your target audience reads and comprehends your offer.

We are in a data driven era, a time when more information on a prospect is available then ever before. Direct mail, in particular, offers an unusually precise way to target the ideal prospect based upon demographics (age, income, gender, marital status, children present, age of home, etc), psychographics (interests, shopping habits, preferences, lifestyle etc), and geographic targeting as well (Street, county, state, radius, zip code etc).

Just think of the improvement you can make in the quality and match of customer to your businesses product or service when you only invite or advertise to the right demographic, psychographic and geography! Less deal seekers, less price objections, higher closing ratios, better retention, and so on.

When selecting a company to handle your marketing, consider a company like DynamiCard plastic postcards & analytics. Companies like this one take targeting to a whole new level. Not only do they offer the demographics, physiographical and geographic targeting you need, but they also provide the matching mailing package and format that your target will respond to. And to complete the cycle they will even track and analyze the final outcome so you can improve your direct mail advertising results over time. Target, track and analyze your direct mail. That is the key to your businesses long term success and health.

Your direct mail package is also a key to your direct mail success. Consider the options and the differences between them. The price sensitive advertiser may choose a paper postcard, but why would you do that? Just because it is cheap? How do you expect to break through the marketing clutter with something so bland and overused as a regular paper postcard? Of the hundreds of direct mail packages your receive in the mail weekly, is a paper postcard really going to stand out? Contrast that against a laminated plastic postcard. These plastic laminated postcards can be die cut, allowing you to have an integrated snap out such as a gift card, key fob or even a luggage tag. They are thick and shiny. They scream out “Quality”. They have they X Factor that gets your attention in a sea of direct mail. Combine the flash and interactivity of a plastic laminated postcard with the laser focused direct mail list and you will have more of the customers you want, and less of the ones you don’t want. Sure the upfront investment is more, but the long term payoff is exponential!

So, the next time you want to send out invitations to new prospects to come check out what your business has to offer, consider investing in sending your invitation (advertising) to the right audience, and investing in an invitation (direct mailer) that will stand out from the rest and get the attention you need to get the job done.

Once great company that offers everything mentioned in this article (targeted mailing lists, tracking, analytics and the plastic laminated postcards with pop-out gift cards and excellent consultative services) is DynamiCard Plastic Postcards & Analytics our of San Diego California. www.DynamiCard.com (800) 928-7670