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If you were to throw a dinner party at your home, would you invite the entire town? Probably not! More likely you would carefully select your guest list to make sure the best possible event. So why is it that so many business owners invest thousands of dollars in marketing, without carefully selecting who is invited to ensure the best possible outcome? There are a few reasons that come to mind. Most advertising opportunities solicited to them do not offer the ability to target. They do not have the experience and understanding of advertising to know about how to target. And last but not least, they are so price conscientious (As opposed to ROI focused) that they have never been ...

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Guess What is More Local and More Effective Than Online Advertising image

The web is incredibly important in marketing today. People are using resources online to find local businesses and look up reviews. It's very important to have the right business infrastructure on the web so that when someone does a local search, your website will be on the map and ready to deliver the information they're looking for.  However, is it worth it to go a step further, spending a fortune on search engine optimization or keyword-based ads?  You might be better off aiming your advertising dollars straight at your local market by using direct mail. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail marketing and online marketing.  Web-Based Advertising Has Some Major Disadvantages ...

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