You may think that your biggest profit sources, as a print shop, sign shop or related firm, are your in-house products.

While this can often be the case, there is another product line you can offer that offers a tremendous opportunity for profit—plastic postcards and laminated mailers.

Looking for a new profit source? Reselling our plastic lamented postcards could be the opportunity you’ve been seeking.

Reselling Laminated Plastic Postcards Can Be A Huge Profit Source, see more below.

You already have clients that come to you for marketing materials, what if you could offer a cutting-edge product that was sure to wow? In addition, what if you didn’t have to invest in machinery or staff training? Dynamicard offers wholesale laminated mailer printing so you can resell plastic postcards to your clients and boost your profits!

How Will Your Customers Use these Laminated Mailers?
•    Endorsing New Products – A new product means getting the word out to customers, new and old. A laminated mailer is a fun way to do this.
•    Holiday Specials – Today, more than ever, holiday promos are a big part of the retail market. Your customers will love having a unique way to do so.
•    Gift Card Promotions – Gift card mailers are hot right now. Give your customers the ability to take advantage of this great marketing tool.
•    Reaching New Customers – Finding a way to stand out from the crowd is hard to do. Laminated mailers are bright and bold, sure to make an impact.
•    Encouraging Repeat Visits – Reaching out to existing customers is a marketing method that can’t be underestimated. Our wholesale laminated mailer printing capabilities let you make a splash.

Since we take care of the hard work, all you do is collect the profits! If you would like more information about the wholesale laminated mailer printing and to find out how you can profit as a reseller, reach out to Dynamicard today.