Technology has made a world of difference in printing. Advertisers used to reach their target audience using paper postcards, which when used in direct mailings could become wet and illegible.

The addition of plastic postcards, more information can be added to the advertisement without fear of the messages being destroyed.

Below is more on the new laminated postcards digitally printed by DynamiCard.

How is this possible?
Die cut laminated postcard keeps the mailer strong, durable and will add a vibrant look to all the ink colors. There are a number of film thicknesses used in this process, which can assist in ensuring your wholesale laminated mailer printing is well worth the investment.

Durability and resilience of a plastic postcard is very attractive to not only advertisers, but consumers as well. They can be used to promote contests, scratch-and-win flyers, and other digitally printed approaches. It not only capture the interest of the consumer, but to gain additional leverage in and out of the store. These postcard have a number of advantages:

  • Are able to deliver more content, add locations and contact information.
  • Are durable enough to withstand multiple delivery points through the postal system without wear and tear.
  • Provides a unique look and feel to your marketing efforts.
  • Offers competitive pricing that helps to maximize your advertising dollars.

Our cards are used in a number of industries, including restaurant, automotive, retail, health & beauty, casino, resellers and agencies. Plastic postcards are great for franchise solutions as well. If your business is seeking an attractive, yet unique way to reach your customers and create an option that can be reused or redeemed in person, a plastic postcard mailing should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

For more information on how plastic postcards and their uses can be of assistance, contact a team member at 800-926-7670. You can also get more information at and see how they can help you today.