The way businesses attract and retain new clients continue to change. There are a few tactics that will quickly increase response rates while building visibility. The plastic postcard mailer has become a popular tool in this area.

What are some of the advantages of plastic postcards and how they increase response rates?

The die cut plastic postcard is an effective sales and marketing technique, which lasts longer, has a bigger impact and helps to attain the results you are seeking. Increase response rates by mailing plastic postcards here are some reasons why:

  • The plastic postcard is durable and does not need the protection of an envelope to attract its audience.
  • It can be customized for specific messages and will stand alone among other direct mail.
  • It allows more content to be delivered in one space, with full color printing on the front and back.

Plastic postcards are also priced to meet the needs of the customer. Wholesale can stretch advertising dollars further, while maintaining a high level of quality. Wholesale plastic postcard printing can lessen the amount of your investment. While providing a huge return. Used correctly, this will not only increase response rates, but can serve a number of purposes. This including gift cards and promo vouchers.

Dynamicard plastic postcards can be personalized with writable finishes, bar coding, and scratch-off overlay panels that will accommodate PIN numbers, number tracking and contests. Plastic postcards are also able to get wet without getting soggy or color runs.

For an effective finish and reliability that is unprecedented in direct mail, the use of plastic postcards will not only keep your business in front of the right customers, but will work to attract other customers to your products and services.

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