How to make your franchisees more money than ever, plus increase participation using plastic postcards using white labeled ordering automation

As the owner of a big brand name, you have a BIG responsibility. You not only have to make money yourself, you want to help each an every one of your franchisees make money too.

One of the ways you do that is by creating marketing material for your franchisees. And making it easy for them (and you) to order them and stay within the rules of the brand.

Read below for more information on how to make your franchisees more money.

The Plastic Postcard Mailer

With all of the options for advertising, it can be hard to choose what type of mailer to send. The new “gold standard” for many franchisees, from gyms to restaurants, daycare centers to bookstores is the plastic postcard mailer with the promotional gift card.

These remarkable mailers have been proven to deliver triple the response rate of a paper mailer. This simple mailer is durable, dependable and can be printed in bright colors on credit card thick plastic. This way the recipients are sure to see the message and respond. However, the most important thing is deciding on the right message or offer.

White Labeled Ordering Automation

At DynamiCard, we offer many styles of plastic postcard printing services. One of the most popular is our white label ordering automation. Once a strategy and creative are ready, we build you your own password protected website to allow you and your franchisees to place plastic postcard orders. We load in only approved offers and artwork so you never have to go round and round with a franchisee ever again approving artwork!

We can utilize the same design for every location or generate a custom card for every one of your locations—the choice is up to you, and it is all automatic and no extra cost to your company.

Plastic postcards with automated ordering, especially when it is custom created for the location, is sure to drive sales. This is a simple type of marketing that works for companies that are new to marketing as well as those that find these tools to be quite simplistic! In fact, you will make your franchisees more money than ever before. If you would like to learn more about how this process works, reach out to us at DynamiCard today. We cannot wait to work with you!