The average American sees 5,000 advertising messages on a daily basis. In the face of this advertising onslaught, trying to get your business’ marketing message heard by your target customers can be an uphill battle. Television commercials can be muted or fast-forwarded through, online advertisements can be made invisible by ad blockers, and spam filters catch many mass marketing e-mails. What can your business do to ensure that your prospective customers see and pay attention to your marketing efforts? Employing a direct mail campaign that utilizes high impact mailers is one of the most effective forms of advertising available. Combining a plastic postcard mailer with gift card offers, for example, has the ability to catch and hold attention like nothing else–and here are the three key ways that such high impact mailers can help turn potential customers into actual ones.

By Being Immediately Attention-Grabbing

Unlike so many other advertising avenues, direct mail has the ability to immediately capture the recipient’s attention–and utilizing a thick, durable plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs and high-quality, full-color graphics only amplifies this effect. In comparison to the amount of promotional e-mails, newspaper advertisements and television commercials that your target customers see everyday, your unique high impact mailer can have an immediate attention-grabbing impact.

By Providing Intrinsic Perceived Value

Receiving a plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs makes many people stand up and take notice. Prospective customers generally regard these promotional gift cards less like discount coupons and more like gift certificates with true value, and most people are reluctant to ignore or throw out anything with such obvious intrinsic worth without feeling wasteful. Moreover, these high impact mailers are as durable and as thick as the average credit card, boosting the perception of their inherent value.

By Increasing Permanence Through Durability

So many types of marketing are disposable, and low-impact direct mail options are no exception. If you use thin, low-quality paper for your direct mailing, the chances of it getting crumpled and thrown out are high. In contrast, employing a vendor that can produce high impact mailers made from a thick, durable material leads to a plastic postcard mailer that is held on to–increasing the likelihood that the recipient will act on the offer.

At Dynamicard, we specialize in creating high impact mailers that produce results. By utilizing our plastic postcard mailer with gift card pop-outs, your business can realize the greatest returns on its valuable advertising dollars. To find out more about our complete range of direct mail services, please contact us for samples and a free quote.