Remember timeshares? They were popular years ago when they were introduced in 1974. The concept, which fascinated many consumers, translated into brisk sales and innovative vacation options.

During that particular time period, there were also people with a jaded view of timeshares because of the hard sell marketing approach used to attract buyers and close deals.

The sales people (mostly men) were charming at the beginning and highly skilled in their presentations.That being said, if a perspective buyer was undecided and unwilling to make an immediate purchase commitment, it was almost like a switch flipped in their brains. The charming sales person became aggressive, and in some cases, very insulting.

Although many people attended timeshare presentations, a fair percentage of them made a fast exit because they wanted no part of the hard sell timeshare marketing approach. Usually, there was also a beautiful gift for perspective buyers to entice them to hang around, chat, and sign on the dotted line. Beautiful gifts can only go so far when rudeness enters the equation.

During a presentation in Nevada, a personal friend, who shall remain nameless, told the sales staff that she and her husband found the concept very appealing and the locations were beautiful, but they wanted to take the time to confer with their New York lawyer. When this decision was shared with their salesman, he went ballistic. All she really wanted to do was leave quietly with her husband.

Reinvented Timeshare Marketing That’s Beyond Appealing

Fast forward to 2016 with 2017 in the wings, and timeshares have morphed into an industry that has become much more customer centric and transparent. For the record, the source of this information is none other than Consumer Reports, the nonprofit, independent organization that is dedicated to creating a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace.

Forget about sitting through a company’s sales pitch in person. Today, that is a non issue. We find that attracting the attention of a timeshare buyer using high quality beautiful plastic postcards is the ideal way to reach potential buyers. You don’t have to try very hard to close your eyes and visualize a beautiful and inviting timeshare destination. This is especially true in our stress filled lives.

We support our clients by sharing marketing ideas, design work by professional art directors, target lists and data analysis to review performance.

Let us help you make this happen!