Everyday, you check your mail you probably receive a stack of mailings from companies—small and large. How many of these do you actually read? While you may glance at each piece to make sure it isn’t an important bill or a letter from a friend, if it looks like a marketing mail piece, it is quite likely you toss a large percentage of these in the garbage. That’s where Dynamicard comes into play—we offer non-envelope mailers that captivate. So, what are the advantages of no envelope?

  • Bright and Bold – Envelopes are inherently boring. A non-envelope mailing can be as bright and bold as you desire, immediately drawing eyes to the mail piece and assuring it is read.
  • Builds Brand Awareness – Since there is no envelope to get in the way, your name, motto and logo are out there for the world to see. Not only will it put your name in front of the recipient, but also the mail carrier, and others who encounter it later.
  • Less Waste – Instead of an envelope and the items that fill it, you have a single piece. Why spend money on a mailing that will just wind up in the landfill? A more effective mailing is worth the cost.
  • More Likely to Be Remembered – Perhaps your customer actually does want to read your message. If it is hidden in an envelope, it may be forgotten. On the other hand, if its is on a bold, dynamic card mailer it will be remembered and read later. This is a winning situation for you.

As you can see, standard envelope-based mailers are on the way out and other options are simply a better option. If you would like to discuss your marketing goals with an expert, reach out to us at Dynamicard today. We look forward to working with you.