Almost everyone in the country uses the Internet on a daily basis, and so it can seem as though digital marketing is the easiest and best way to reach potential customers. But with digital advertising comes ad blockers and spam filters, while physical advertisements like direct mail can help ensure that your message is delivered directly to your prospective customer base. So what other benefits can direct mail marketing offer that digital advertising cannot?

Direct mail campaigns generate a strong response than digital advertising

A fundamental principle of any marketing campaign is that you need to reach the right potential customers with the right offer at the right time. Digital advertising can’t follow this principle as closely as direct mail can, and the results show the drawbacks. According to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail can achieve a 3.7 percent response rate, while all digital advertising method together can only realize a response rate of 0.62 percent.

Printed text is easier to process…

The printed word is powerful in a way that words on a computer screen can’t be. As you hold a plastic postcard mailer in your hand, its message is more immediate to you than any of the multitude of online advertisements that you see on a daily basis. Moreover, this principle is actually scientifically proven. Canadian marketing firm TrueImpact conducted a study on behalf of Canada Post in which participants’ eye movements and brain waves were tracked as they reviewed digital advertisements and direct mailers. TrueImpact found that processing the printed text of direct mailers needed 21 percent less cognitive effort than digital advertisements did, leading to marketing that was easier to understand and more memorable.

….and remember

Quick: what product was the last digital advertisement you saw promoting? You almost certainly don’t remember, and for good reason: while the average consumer sees thousands of ads each day, they only pay attention to about two percent of them. Indeed, TrueImpact’s study also found that participants were only able to recall the brand being advertised in 44 percent of digital ads they reviewed; with direct mail offers, on the other hand, participants remembered the brand 75 percent of the time. If your potential customers can’t remember your name, they’ll never become existing customers.

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