Consumers today have more choices than ever—no matter what you sell. The Internet has made it possible for an individual to purchase nearly anything from the comfort of his or her home.

Your customers have this choice, you may have to go the extra mile when it comes to marketing, to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways is by enticing customers to shop again by providing gift cards. But why gift cards instead of coupons or other promotions? Consider these 5 Reasons to market your business with promotional gift cards as opposed to coupons.

  • Higher Perceived Value – Even though a $5.00 coupon and a $5.00 gift card has virtually the same value to you. To a customer it “feels” like more. The consumer is more likely to feel like he or she should redeem the card and not waste it.
  • Build Brand Awareness – Gift cards can be designed with your logo, name and other branding elements as a top priority. Your customers will see this card and immediately think of your company.
  • Convenient – Paper coupons are easily lost or misplaced. Gift cards are convenient and less likely to be lost. Customers already carry these cards in a wallet or purse, so they are more likely to be redeemed.
  • High-End Appeal – While coupons have their place, they do not always match the sophisticated side of some businesses. A gift card allows you to maintain a sophisticated edge, yet still offer a deal.
  • Flexibility – With a gift card, it is easy to provide differing promotions for customers based on buying habits or your desire to get them into the store. It is possible to create several different sub-campaigns and target many shoppers.

Using gift card marketing is an incredible way to impress consumers and bring them into your shop or restaurant. If you would like more information about designing a custom laminated gift card mailer or other marketing product, reach out to us at DynamiCard. We offer attractive designs, superior service, and affordable price.

We look forward to serving you!