As a restaurateur, you are well aware that in addition to a delicious and diverse array of the finest food and drinks, a welcoming atmosphere from the moment guests enter your restaurant is very important. A well trained staff, friendly chef, innovative wall decor and lighting serves to add even more ambiance. Read more below on how to 12% Increase Response Rates for Your Restaurant.

Outstanding restaurant reviews, along with excellent Zagat ratings tastefully displayed gives you an added level of charm and warmth to your customer’s dining experience.

The Importance of Marketing Support 

Dynamic marketing and effective promotion are also vital to the ongoing success of your establishment and brand building. Along with other marketing programs you might be considering, direct mail is one key component that can consistently deliver with an impressive uptick in response rates. How does a 12% plus consistent response rate strike you? That’s only a starting point by the way.  Seriously!

It’s all about getting your highly creative, perfectly targeted and skillfully designed direct mail marketing message to existing and potential customers. Our ultimate goal for our restaurant clients is a plan that delivers repeat traffic to your restaurant, your special events and celebrations, website and blog.

How to Increase Direct Mail Response Rates 

Let’s touch on concept and graphics. For starters, It’s not wise to “borrow” a graphic concept that’s used in the industry. You may feel that it;s a faster approach, because there will only be a few graphic changes and type adjustments.

It probably will be faster to “borrow” another restaurant’s concept design, but it will be no where near as effective as an extraordinary original design. The reason is simple — your restaurant is unique, and it should be presented as such. All the more reason why it should not ever be viewed through the same concept and design prism as any other dining establishment. Not now, and not ever.

We know the restaurant industry exceedingly well, with an inside track on effective and proven campaigns and response rates with great ROI.

Why Choose DynamiScan?

At DynamiScan, our entire team is customer centric. In fact, we don’t know any other way to run a business. Our reputation is built on our expertise in maximizing the latest cutting edge technology and innovative techniques in direct mail. Our success is consistent across multiple categories whether we are dealing with any of the following:

  • Gift card marketing
  • Die cut laminated mailer
  • Die cut mailer
  • A Die cut laminated postcard order
  • Grand Opening franchise marketing postcard ideas and designs

From the very beginning, when we first founded our company we’ve always been ahead of the industry curve. We’ve been able to predict the future because of our vision and ability to read different business verticals. It’s just who we are as a company.

Our full line of services include:

  • extraordinary design and copy
  • patent pending automated highly detailed mailing lists that deliver,
  • the finest printing, attention to detail, and quality available
  • tracking with the highest return on your investment