Why Sending Mail That Doesn’t Have To Be Opened Can Improve Your Response Rate

It’s understandable that a fair percentage of business owners have concerns about their open rate, which is something we can help you with given our cutting edge technology and innovation in direct mail.

Below is Why Sending a Mail “Package” Can Improve Your Response Rate

Why Choose Dynamicard?

Along with our creative designs, research and logos, we are known for providing a customer centric approach. We take this approach not because it’s a trending buzz term, but it’s what we believe in as a company.

Our full line of professional services — design, mailing lists, postcard printing, and tracking assure clients of successful campaigns and the best return on their investment. We also provide clients with accurate and measurable tracking data that they are not able to obtain any other way. Moreover, these results are essential when making future marketing plans. Low response rates can be a continuing problem for many firms. Fortunately, our clients don’t have to deal with that challenge.

About Those Added Elements

The reason why direct mail is still popular is because it can be effective if properly created and timed. That being said, creating a direct mail marketing campaign with elements such as decorative or complicated envelopes, or even small designer boxes can have a negative impact on your response rates.

Our client relationships are based on trust and respect. And, we are proud of our client partnerships with many relationships that have lasted for years. When we advise against something that might appear great on the surface, clients know that our advice is based on solid experience and research. It’s exciting for us to help a business grow and prosper. It is also an honor that our firm has been recognized by the industry where we have won the Inc. 5000 award for 4 years in a row.

Best Practices For Successful Direct Mail Marketing

  • Start with the right lists that have the potential to deliver your desired result.
  • Don’t start thinking about design ideas or content until the lists are in place.
  • The idea should be innovative and appropriate for the target list.
  • Eliminate any idea that is what we call “me too” which translates into don’t copy the competition.
  • This is worth repeating — don’t complicate the postcard printing and design with envelopes or boxes.

Research based on data from Digital Marketing Ramblings:

Response rates from direct mail increased 14% vs. email marketing rates that have dropped by 57%.

Our rates hover at 12% above the 14% increase.

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