Part 1 of this series described color psychology and how colors have the ability to influence consumer emotion. Color preference by gender and the importance of matching website color with logos/ads was discussed in Part 2. In this post, we will explain how to use colors for direct mail marketing and website-branding success.

If you are one of the growing numbers of businesses considering consumer outreach via direct mail, it is imperative you understand the role color plays in successful marketing campaigns. To elicit positive reactions when using color with advertising, see the top five colors and examples below:

BlueOften associated with trust, quality and dependability, global brands like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and AT&T all use blue to inspire confidence and security.

RedBrands like CNN, Target and Netflix all use red to their advantage.   Red symbolizes power, excitement and love. Direct mailers using red encourages customers to take action.

GreenConsumers connect feelings of wealth, environment, and health with the color green. Companies like Starbucks, John Deere and Whole Foods use green to induce positive feelings from patrons.

OrangeTop companies like Amazon, Firefox and Home Depot use orange to encourage feelings of warmth, enthusiasm and playfulness. Incorporating orange into your marketing strategy help your mailers stand out in a sea of blue promotional offerings.

Yellow Yellow is a top branding color for companies like Best Buy, McDonalds and Yellow Pages. Consider using yellow in your direct mailers if you want consumers to think of your company as an optimistic, positive and energetic business.

Tie Direct Mail with Website Marketing Using Colors

Choosing the best colors for direct mailers is crucial for ongoing success.

Here are a few colorful strategies:

  • Make your next plastic postcard a mini version of your website
  • Make the call-to-action on your direct mail media the same color as the call-to-action on your website.
  • If a competitor is a clear leader in your industry, mimic their color schemes on target landing pages and/or postcards
  • Keep colors in mind when picking out clip art (i.e. color of cars, model’s clothing, buildings, etc.)
  • Try to keep clip art consistent between direct mail and website layout (i.e. same sample consumer)

Understanding consumers’ reactions to colors can help pinpoint appropriate choices and strategies for your brand. Will you integrate any of the above colors or consider any of the above strategies for your next direct mail to website marketing campaign?