There is something about conventional ways of communication that make them highly effective even in this era of hi-tech digital communications. Although technology does make communication simpler and faster, direct mail still generates good response especially if you take the time to think about your campaign and goals.  Customize your strategy to suit your target audience for the best results. This is where data and analytics come into picture.

Data Analysis

Start by setting goals and objectives for your direct mail marketing campaign so you know what kind of data you need. Analyze the data that you already have and see how best you can use it. Find out what more data you require to meet your objectives. Once you know what you need, you can start working on acquiring them.  Collecting data from geological sources or locations, demographics and customer behavioral patterns help in augmenting your database. Another effective data collection technique is to run an online survey and obtain information directly from target customers.


Is your direct mail campaign generating the response you expect? If it isn’t, alter your strategies to make your campaign effective. The results of your analysis become a part of your database and will help you plan campaigns more effectively in the future.

Group Customers

Data helps you group customers depending on their preferences, purchase history, geographical locations and other factors. Grouping helps you create customized mailing strategies that will appeal to the target groups. Such a campaign gets you a high ROI.


Your customers might change their residences or move from one city to another. Be sure to update your data to make the best use of your precious resources. Keep cleaning the data and remove redundant or invalid information. Certain tools and processes such as deceased file processing, NCOA (National Change of Address) and surveys can help you keep your database current.

Identify Loyal Customers

Identify customers who have been making regular purchases from you and send special mails to thank them for their loyalty. Direct mail can be used to send gift vouchers or shopping tokens to loyal customers as well. Keeping track of data and rewarding loyal customers is a great way of strengthening your relationship with them.  By harnessing data to the fullest, you can create effective direct mail campaigns that strike a chord with your target customers and generate a positive response from them.  DynamiCard brings to you a revolutionary direct marketing solution to increase the conversion rates. Contact us today to increase your ROI on direct mail without spending more.