Looking For Ways to Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rates? You Need to Know Who to Mail! When you are contacting customers via direct mail, how do you know who to send your postcard, letter, or other marketing material to? If you want to increase your direct mail response rates, you need to know who to mail. We’ve put together a few tips to help you build a contact list that will achieve superior results.

  • Target your ideal customer – Spend some time creating your “ideal customer.” Building this customer persona will take a little time, but once you know who you want to attract you will not waste your marketing dollars or time on customers who aren’t likely to buy from you.
  • Contact previous buyers – If a customer has shopped with you in the past, there is a good chance they are willing to come back again. These clients may be responsive to a discount or other targeted advertising. Consider a mailing that makes these customers feel like a VIP.
  • Right person, right time – Sometimes it is more about finding the right time than the right person. Make sure you are reaching people at a time that makes sense. If you are contacting people when they are on vacation, they may ignore your mailer. On the other hand, if it gets lost in the holiday shuffle, it might not get the attention it deserves.
  • Make first contact – Sometimes, it is all about making the first contact. The soft sell approach is about introducing yourself and your company. Invite the potential customer to check you out, join you on social media and learn more—don’t make the hard sale at this process.

While knowing who to mail is a great first step, having beautiful, effective mailers and determining who is responding to your message is vital too. Now you know Ways to Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rates. We look forward to helping you accomplish more than you ever thought possible with your direct mail campaign. Learn more about direct mail tracking and direct mail analytics and other marketing tools by contacting us at Dynamicard today.