DynamiCard’s increased production capacity now exceeds 4 million mailers per week.

When you are deciding on retail, wholesale, service industry or restaurant marketing ideas, direct mail is a superior choice. Since direct mail is vital to your business, you do not want to trust the campaign to just anyone. Luckily, DynamiCard offers beautiful postcards, mailers and many tools to help you take your direct marketing to the next level.

DynamiCard can create an attractive plastic postcard mailer or a gift card marketing campaign for your business. However, you may not realize is that DynamiCard is doing BIG things for all sorts of companies. In fact, DynamiCard has recently reached a significant milestone. Our production capacity now exceeds four million mailers each week.

What does this mean for you? Our impressive direct mailer production capacity means that when you have an excellent idea for how to connect with consumers, you don’t have to wait. We can get moving on the creation process immediately. Dynamicard knows that when it comes to marketing, it’s all about jumping on what’s hot now and capturing the attention of your customers. We can help you do just that.

It is important to realize that just because we can produce such a huge number of mailers each week, this doesn’t mean that you are “just another customer.” Our Company always go the extra mile. Dynamicard wants to make sure every product we create is attractive, eye-catching and exactly what our client had in mind.

So, now that you have learned a bit more about DynamiCard and our ability to produce a pretty impressive amount of plastic postcard mailers and other marketing materials, maybe you want to think about utilizing our services. Call or contact us to talk to an expert about YOUR marketing plans. We can’t wait to help you reach and even surpass your goals.