When you decide to send a plastic postcard mailer or another form of direct mail, you want to get the best response and in-turn ROI possible. While putting effort into making your mailer attractive and exciting is one way to do this, another way you can improve your response rate is by targeting your best prospects. How do you know which potential recipients would be most likely to work for your business? Let’s discuss how using geographic or demographic criteria can help.

Utilizing Geographic Criteria to Choose Prospects
Depending on the type of business you operate, you may want to target customers in your neighborhood, your city or throughout the region. Think about who your best customers are today? Are they locals or do they travel to see you? Do you sell or provide services online? Understanding more about your current customers can be the key to figuring out what geographic areas you should target.

What About Demographic Criteria?
There are other criteria that you may want to look at when deciding whom your marketing should target. Age, income and even what type of vehicle a person drive may all help you decide which customers you should target. For example, if you operate a family style restaurant, you would target different customers than if you operate a trendy nightclub. One way to decide which demographics to target is to create an example of your “ideal customer”—then you can deconstruct to determine each element.

Don’t just stick with sending the same boring mailers you have always used. Reach out to us at Dynamicard and discover how effective plastic postcard mailers and gift card mailers can be at improving response rate. We cannot wait to help you get the best response possible.