Direct mail remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels around, even when compared to the latest in Internet and mobile advertising.

DynamiCard plastic postcards, with integrated pop-out promotional gift cards, are the biggest innovation in direct marketing in years. Well-executed DynamiCard campaigns have been reported to have as much as 10x higher response rates than quickly executed paper postcard campaigns.

Plastic postcards can be the core of 3 powerful steps – how they are noticed, how they are used, how they are tracked — that provide solid results and constant improvements.

How Plastic Postcards Are NOTICED

DynamiCard uses a thick plastic stock with colorful “shiny looking” graphics, commanding immediate attention. With snap-out sections of various sizes, they seem more like a gift card; not many people would throw that out without at least a careful look.

Their stylish appearance appeals to high-end customers who might ignore a regular postcard or discount coupon. You can attract more than just deal hunters. These cards can also be super-personalized, with the recipients name or other information integrated right into the graphics.

How Plastic Postcards Are — USED

Due to the thick plastic construction, the snap offs are extremely durable and can be just the right size for carrying around.  With convenience and a high-perceived value, people want to keep them. They’ll be saved, carried around, and used. Some people are embarrassed about using a paper discount coupon. The pop-offs can have the same thickness and size as a credit card, so everyone can feel good about using them.

Now for some facts, it has been demonstrated that DynamiCards have 4 to 5 times the response rate of regular postcards.  They’re especially effective for restaurants where they enjoy a 12% response rate. That’s pretty amazing.

How Plastic Postcards Are TRACKED

Most people who believe direct mail isn’t worthwhile haven’t accurately tracked results — that’s a big mistake. A bar code, or sometimes a magnetic stripe or QR code, unlocks all the information needed to make your mailings very cost-effective.

As part of our DynamiScan service, a web-based software, we provide businesses with a scanner for each of their locations to allow them to scan in the offers as they are redeemed. Our real-time software then provides a fine-grain breakdown on how the campaign is working. Broken down by location, we discover the demographics of who actually used the cards and which offer they chose. Of course we also track response rates by demographics.

DynamiScan also helps advertisers accurately and discreetly collect the names and addresses of their new customers as cards are scanned into the system.

All this quick, detailed, and accurate information lets our clients achieve dramatic improvements on their very next mailing.  One company attributes millions of dollars of sales to DynamiCard.

Get DynamiCard

We have years of experience, learning from a huge number of mailings. Combining DynamiCards with DynamiScan, you can achieve one of the best returns on investments around for your marketing dollars.

We can provide the full line of services — design, quick turnaround printing, mailing list, mailing management, and tracking — to make it all happen.