Today’s consumers have developed certain expectations that are based on an increase in engagement from the firms that produce and market their favorite brands and services. We see an example of these consumer expectations with the increase in social media engagement involving people of all ages.

What’s Trending Today

Another example can be seen with the growth of family lifestyle events that are also known as interactive marketing events. This category growth is supported with strategic tactics used in interactive or event-based marketing that involves a response to some type of consumer behavior. Additionally, this type of interactive marketing is also known as a trigger based process based on a reaction from customers and prospects.

Enhanced Experience and Brand Recall

Creative direct mail campaigns designed to react to the actions of customers and potential customers can deliver a sizeable marketing advantage. There is no question that trigger based marketing is measurably more effective than traditional direct marketing.

We know that any type of targeted and enhanced experience adds an entirely new element to restaurant marketing, spas and lifestyle event marketing. This also holds true when it comes to consumer retail promotions and purchases. As a result, this type of approach also helps to create memorable dining, health/wellness, and shopping experiences. 

At Dynamicard, our talented creative team is always researching, and developing new techniques, ideas and enhancements for our Plastic Postcard Mailer campaigns. As a result of their most recent efforts, we are extremely pleased to announce that once again, DynamiCard raises the industry performance bar with an exciting campaign dimension that adds to the sweet smell of success. Scent!

The Scratch and Sniff Campaign Advantages     

Our research shows an increase in the Scratch and Sniff pass along and message retention rate. Since the concept is unusual, it becomes unique and very sharable. We have found that this fact translates into a high percentage of recipients who delight in showing friends, family, and neighbors the unusual surprise that arrived in the mail. The bottom line is that most recipients feel very special.

There Are Many Scents To Choose From

We offer an array of scents including fruits, veggies, spices, flowers, plants, and other popular scents such as baby powder, bubble gum, perfume, sea breeze, and the soothing benefits of sandalwood, among many others.  

Our clients enjoy a full line of services that start with cutting edge technology, design and innovation in direct mail. We provide everything from the concept, design, mailing lists, and printing to campaign tracking. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest level of performance and the best return on investment.