You have gone through the chain of command getting your offer approved, gathered a high quality list of lead generation candidates and crafted a creative ad that you are proud of. However, past experiences have left you cynical about who will actually answer your ad. So you sit there wondering how to increase direct mail response rates. Oh well – you will just send out this pearl of an advertisement and hope for the best…

Hold it right there!!

Before sending out your marketing materials that you have spent valuable time and energy on, make sure you know these secretes of how you can increase response rates when it comes to their direct mail marketing:

1) Make it attractive

Attraction is the first step in many relationships. Your company and the consumer is a relationship is no different. Even if your ad is clever and creatively designed, if it doesn’t look attractive, it will not be opened.

Make sure there aren’t too many things going on and there is a focal point on your marketing mail (modern = clean). Also, quality coloring is critical. If you received a letter that has blotchy ink, pixilated images and faded lettering you are might think the ad was mailed to you from 1992. Make sure you have high-quality laser printing that looks fitting with the communication technology age.

2) Show value

The nature of today’s turbulent culture makes it so marketers need to be very clear on what value they provide to their customers. And they need to do it fast! If it’s not obvious what the individual is getting out of the deal, they will toss away your ad and move onto the next one in a blink of the eye.

Before you send your material, hand it to someone that has never seen it before for a total of 5 seconds. After that ask your tester what the ad was offering. If they know what the value is and are intrigued – you have success!

3) Easy follow-up

If you are researching how to increase direct mail response rates, chances are that you are thinking things through. However, a lot of marketers forget the secrete of thinking through the entire process of the potential customer. What does it look like when they get the mail? What are their options on where they go from there? Is it very clear what their next steps are? Are the steps easy? Including a clear, concise call-to-action is very important

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