The amazing success of our Casino DynamiCard has already successfully captured a substantial amount of new players. Another major achievement is that we have helped our casino clients reactivate relationships with an impressive number of players missing in action! Moreover, our Casino Plastic Postcard Mailer has also established a well-earned reputation for consistently delivering redemption rates upwards of 12%. 

DynamiCard Casino Plastic Postcard Mailer

A comprehensive casino marketing campaign should maximize integrated marketing tactics that include personalized direct mail. Given the fact that consumer demand for engagement is rapidly growing, integrated direct mail marketing has proven to be a key branding component that should not be ignored. This approach not only helps to support online social media and article marketing, it fills an important void in the market.

Changing demographic and cultural influences can have a major impact on any type of business, and this is especially true for casinos. When a business does not keep on top of these changes, it becomes a path for limited growth and stagnation. 

Future Growth

With each new generation, there are characteristics that definite them and set them apart. These characteristics can be seen in everything from their tastes in music, automobiles, fashion and fitness to vacations and recreational activities. In order to effectively promote market growth and customer acquisition, these changes must be fully understood to successfully communicate and create experiences that persuade people to become loyal customers.

Currently Baby Boomers, ranging from ages 52 to 70, are the mainstay demographic for the gaming industry. Although patrons at the younger end of this scale are expected to continue enjoying and patronizing casinos for many more years. However, as patrons age, the numbers are not expected to remain constant for obvious reasons.

Many casino owners have taken steps to develop plans designed to enhance their casino environments in order to appeal to younger generations. At the same time, they continue to cater to and maintain their core patrons.

At Dynamicard, we understand the importance of these generational game changers. We know that this data is of keen interest to casinos. As a result, the information is a vital part of the marketing strategies and tactics we help to develop.

As an award winning, full service company with multiple locations, we make it as convenient and easy as possible for clients. As a result, we provide creative original design concepts, logo design if needed, color matching, and printing along with targeted list generation and tracking. 

Our focus is always on client success!