There’s no question that effectively designed, targeted and executed direct mail campaigns can deliver amazing results when it comes to reach, conversion and impressive ROI. Now see why direct mail advertisers are turning to printing on plastic.

Direct Mail Industry Trends

In reviewing industry trending reports, there is a growing trend with advertisers who are turning to printing on plastic. The reason for this increased interest is simple — they want to stand out from their competition. This topic even resonates in our client meetings, and phone conversations. Clients know exactly what type of impact they want, and with good reason. The trends show that hands down, plastic outperforms any other medium.

This trend toward the use of plastic is increasing across all industry verticals with a diversity that includes business and product categories such as:

  • Postcard printing
  • Gift card marketing
  • Restaurant marketing
  • Die cut laminated mailer
  • Postcards covering a variety of categories
  • Auto repair direct mail
  • A laminated postcard reseller program 
  • Wholesale plastic postcard printing
  • A comprehensive plastic postcard reseller program
  • Franchise marketing ideas, and 
  • Hearing aid marketing ideas fueled by the uptick in market demand that’s closely related to the growing Baby Boomer market and the need for hearing aids
  • Die cut plastic mailer

Since the very beginning when we first launched the company, our focus has always been to serve the needs of our clients, to make things as easy as possible by offering what some call a one stop shop.

What we mean by that is that we offer everything from the finest in concept development. graphic design, type font selection (yes, that is important), original font development, printing, campaign execution and tracking within the privacy of our company.

Campaign tracking is just as important for direct mail as it is for a stunning 4/C print ad in a high end magazine, or on a major online publishing site.

With our dedicated team at Dynamicard, nothing is left to chance, and that includes the final test that happens with our Direct Mail Analytics Software. Regardless of how impressive the final design appears to be, if it doesn’t perform in the market, appearances don’t mean a thing.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations, and we’re very proud to say that this is what we can consistently lay claim to with each and every order we produce regardless of the business category.

When you have a moment, do the math across the board with what you’ve previously spent for email marketing compared to your success rate verified by data. That is, if you have the data.

Contact us and we’ll show you how to leverage your strengths as we put a smile on your CFO’s face with a consistent response rate of 12%. And, that’s just the beginning!

If a phone call is easier, please call us at 800 928 7670.

Now you know Why Direct Mail Advertisers Are Turning To Printing on Plastic.