Direct mail marketing can be extremely effective in generating interest about your products and services. If done right, your direct mailing campaign can help in customer engagement, customer acquisition and customer retention. All you need to do is plan the best strategy for your direct mail campaign and avoid mistakes. Below are 5 common mistakes we’ve witnessed other businesses perform:

1. Unplanned Campaigns

When it comes to direct mail campaigns, planning makes all the difference. Planning includes categorizing customers based on their preferences, geographical locations and purchase history – just to name a few. Running the campaign without planning is like shooting in the dark; you end up spending money without seeing any results.

2. Irrelevant Content

While relevant content can attract, engage and convert customers, irrelevant subject matter may turn prospects away before they even buy your products or services. Understanding the purchase history and preferences helps you create material that customers can connect with. Relevant content generates an emotional response from customers, which in turn elicits favorable results. Special care is required for headlines, tag lines, images, colors and design. The overall appeal of the mail also makes a lot of difference. If the first impression is positive, there is a good chance that your customers will read through the entire mail.

3. Inconsistency

Consistency builds trust. So, it is important that mail you send is uniform with the goals, objectives and brand image of your business. Otherwise, information you provide can be perceived as dishonest and unreliable. Additionally, your digital campaign should be in line with your direct mail promotion(s).

4. Ineffective Call to Action

Sometimes, all it takes is a strong call to action statement to engage a response from customers or prospects. The most effective statements consist of two parts; first, they urge customers to take action, and second, they show the benefits obtained by taking that action. For example, an assertion such as “Buy our cost effective, durable and high performance water coolers now!” is definitely more effective than simply saying “Buy now!”

5. Not Following Up

Remember, prospects receive direct mail from numerous businesses. To keep your business in the front of their minds, continue reminding them and following up with greetings, newsletters and additional information. For instance, if a consumer purchases a product, send them mail expressing your gratitude. Thank a potential client for their interest when they send an enquiry. These simple steps can help focus the attention of prospects and clients on your business. Direct marketing can generate high ROI if you play your cards right and get your strategies on target.

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