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Welcome to Dynamicard Plastic Postcards, we represent the cutting edge technology and innovation in direct mail.

Do you have a goal, but don’t know where to start? Dynamicard’s experienced staff is here to guide you through every step of the process, including planning, design, execution, and tracking of your campaign.

What is a DynamiCard Plastic Postcard?
It is a revolutionary, credit card thick, plastic postcard with snap-out promotional gift cards that will boost your response rate 4 times higher than regular postcards and any other direct mail media!   We help you pinpoint your ideal customers and along with our proprietary software, you will get real-time analytics. We can prove that we get the highest response and most measurable returns in the industry!

Here are just a few of the businesses that we help increase their sales. If you don’t see yours below, just contact us and find out what we can do for you!








Easy to Track

Collect, scan or swipe for accurate ROI Tracking. Generate 4 times the number of sales out of every mailing with the ability to measure the response rate in real-time. Don’t leave your direct mail advertising to chance!

What can we do for you?We provide design, execution, and tracking strategies to get your best Return on Investment. Marketing and Advertising can be overwhelming and a bit tricky and we understand.  Our full service is customizable for you and your goals.

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Why we are good for you!We know that our claim of an average response rate of 12% is hard to believe, so we though you might want to give us a try if you knew the reasons why we are so good!

  • Track & Analyze
  • Fast Turn Times
  • Pre-qualified Prospects
  • 100% Read Rate
  • Simply Cannot Throw Out

Unlike our competitors who simply “guess” at how to improve your campaign, DynamiCard uses proprietary tracking and analytics software to quickly and effortlessly identify who is your most responsive target. This eliminates wasting thousands of dollars and month of time “Split Testing”. We get it right after just one mailing.

Now you CAN pull off those last minute promotions! DynamiCard standard turn time in the regular season is only 5 to 7 days. Ask about R-U-S-H delivery!

Unlike radio, TV, newspapers, Internet and other
advertising medias create massive waste by covering areas outside your effective
 marketing radius while simultaneously reaching unqualified prospects.

DynamiCard “promotional” gift card mailers have no envelope, so your prospects instantly see your offer, a custom gift card just for them!

Your DynamiCard gift card will be help onto for MONTHS! On average, our clients see steady sales for 90 days or more off one mailing! Your prospects simply cannot throw out a Free Gift Card!


We respect our clients privacy, all testimonials below are real and will be listed anonymously.

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