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Franchises have unique considerations when conducting an advertising campaign that other businesses don’t face, and figuring out how to make the most out of your marketing dollars can feel overwhelming. Let DynamiCard help you grow profits to levels you only dreamed were possible!

Create Effective Buyer Profiles

Whether you know what the qualifiers are or not, your franchise has a typical buyer profile: a common age range, household income, martial status and more that define who your customers are. Save valuable marketing dollars with DynamiScan, our proprietary tracking and analytics software, that enables your franchise to define a detailed and targeted buyer profile, resulting in a far more successful marketing campaign!

Accurate Audience Segmentation

Through direct mail analytics, many franchises find that they have more than one type of typical buyer, but each customer group is more responsive to a different type of offer. For example, your franchise might attract both younger and older customers for different reasons. Knowing this allows you to adjust your direct mail offerings to each buyer type, driving higher response rates overall.

Powerful Tools For Building Your Franchisee Organization

DynamiCard was built by design for managing complex, multi location projects with ease, to solve a clients’ challenge. Franchise automation is at your finger-tips with our custom web-to-print portals. Your franchisees can simply login, customize and proof in minutes!

Learn How DynamiCard Plastic Postcards and Analytics Can Grow Your Franchise Overnight!

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business postcard printing

Call for a FREE Marketing Consultation:

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Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm PST
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