Restaurant marketing presents a unique set of challenges that many restaurant owners and managers struggle with meeting. From building a recognizable brand that patrons will identify with to turning one-time diners into repeat customers, restaurants of all kinds face difficulty figuring out what type of marketing will help them best meet their goals. Many restaurants–local chains and single-location establishments alike–are finding incredible success through direct mail advertising utilizing a plastic postcard mailer. The following are the top three ways that plastic card mailers for restaurants can help your business achieve its advertising goals.

By Quickly Grabbing the Attention of Potential Patrons

Ad blockers prevent your online advertisements from ever being seen, spam filters do the same to your promotional e-mails and the latest technology allows your television spots to be skipped entirely. So how can you make sure that your marketing message is actually seen by your target audience? The simplicity of direct mail is precisely what gives it an advantage over other avenues. Physical mail can’t be blocked, and–particularly when you utilize direct mail’s personalization potential–a plastic postcard mailer can easily and quickly grab a potential customer’s attention.

By Allowing Restaurants to Include Traffic-Driving Promotional Gift Cards

Most Americans view dining out as a treat, and trying out a new restaurant involves some level of uncertainty. Your establishment can remove one key barrier that prevents potential patrons from giving your restaurant a go by utilizing promotional gift cards. These gift cards give your target audience a tangible reason to visit your restaurant: not doing so would mean wasting the gift card’s value! Moreover, including such promotional gift cards is easy with high-quality plastic card mailers for restaurants.

By Making it Possible to Precisely Tailor an Audience

Of all business types, restaurants in particular thrive on repeat customers. At the same time, providing the same incentives to established diners that you do to potential patrons doesn’t always make sense. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make sure that your plastic card mailer with promotional gift card is only sent to new customers? With direct mail analytics and tracking, you can; these services allow you to remove customers who have already used your offer from your mailing list, saving you valuable advertising dollars.

The direct mail team at Dynamicard has years of experience crafting plastic card mailers for restaurants of all kinds. We understand the unique challenges that restaurants face when launching a marketing campaign, and we can make our entire suite of direct mail services available for your establishment. From creating a plastic postcard mailer that perfectly fits your brand to providing you with detailed information about your mailing’s results, Dynamicard can help. Just contact us today to find out more about our products and services.