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Contacting your potential customers using a plastic postcard mailer is a great way to make a splash and assure that you will be remembered. While taking the time to figure out your target audience and reaching the right people is important, just as important is contacting these individuals at the right time. What is the “Right Time?” The right time to send out a direct mailing may vary significantly depending on your business. For instance, if you own a lawn care service, getting in touch with potential customers in early spring before they make other plans, is a good idea. An electronics store may have better response in the fourth quarter when customers are planning to make purchases for gifts. ...

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The Most Cost-effective Way to Promote Your Retail Business image

In response to the changing and highly competitive landscape at retail, an increasingly large percentage of progressive retailers are leveraging their market positions with innovative loyalty programs. By making a decision to develop a variety of engaging loyalty programs featuring attractive plastic postcard mailers, retailers are able to increase their customer base and generate repeat sales. Another benefit is that these campaigns are adding to the bottom line. This revenue generating direct mail support is tied to value-added customer benefits.  Our 24/7 Society Retail loyalty campaigns are a perfect choice for upscale department stores, or exclusive boutiques offering free personal shoppers. Since spare time has become a luxury in our society, personal shoppers are in demand. In fact, It has gotten to the point where some online stores are ...

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Why Making a Big Impression Is Critical When Marketing Your New Restaurant’s Grand Opening image

When you’ve decided to open a new restaurant, you have many big decisions to make. You want the food and the atmosphere to be JUST RIGHT for your customers. However, you can’t expect to succeed in a competitive marketplace if you don’t focus on restaurant marketing in a VERY big way. Why is it important to make a big impression? Consider these four reasons—just for starters. •    Word of Mouth Takes Time – They say the best advertising is word of mouth advertising. While that is great, it takes time to kick in and start bringing you, new customers. How will you pay the bills in the meantime? 
•    First Impressions Matter – Whether or not people see ...

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Why knowing exactly who responds and converts can translate into profits image

One of the most important elements of growing your business is to know the audience you are targeting. This helps shape your marketing strategy, helps break down your demographics, and provides insight into who is using your products and why. Placing tracking and analytics methods throughout your marketing pieces is key. This helps you understand who is responding and paints a clearer picture on how you can get them to keep converting through your business. How this translates into profits Imagine this – you are running a private pre-sale for those customers who have responded and converted before. Because you understand what they want, you can tailor those promotions not just to the audience, but for specific people. You may ...

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Dynamicard Marketing Ideas For High End Restaurants image

A high end restaurant marketing, design, photography, guest list, and execution are vital to the success of the campaign. Below are Dynamicard Marketing Ideas For High End Restaurants: Creating a Stunning Plastic Postcard Mailer We are a visually responsive society, so it’s a wise idea to include some beautiful, mouth-watering photos of your key dishes in your restaurant marketing. Not happy with the quality of your photography? It might be worth the investment to hire a professional photographer who is a pro with food and lighting to take some new photos. Consider creating an unusual high-end themed event for your regular clientele and new customers. Also this type of themed event will give you an opportunity to showcase guest chefs, rare wines, exotic ingredients, and hard-to-find prix fixe–only dishes. Include ...

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Triple leads for your Hearing Aid practice with Direct Mail image

Your hearing aid practice is focused on helping your patients to hear. You have the opportunity to change life for the better for hundreds of people. However, if you want to make a difference, you have to connect with new potential patients. Direct mail is a great solution—if you utilize it properly. We’ve put together a few hearing aid marketing ideas to help you triple the leads from your direct mail efforts. Below is how to Triple leads for your Hearing Aid practice with Direct Mail: Decide on the Right Direct Mail Format for Your Practice What would be best for you, a plastic postcard mailer, die cut laminated mailer or something completely different? Think about your target market and ...

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Use Data to Your Advantage for Direct Mail Marketing Success image

There is something about conventional ways of communication that make them highly effective even in this era of hi-tech digital communications. Although technology does make communication simpler and faster, direct mail still generates good response especially if you take the time to think about your campaign and goals.  Customize your strategy to suit your target audience for the best results. This is where data and analytics come into picture. Data Analysis Start by setting goals and objectives for your direct mail marketing campaign so you know what kind of data you need. Analyze the data that you already have and see how best you can use it. Find out what more data you require to meet your objectives. Once you ...

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